Third Ward State of Mind

One of the most historic neighborhoods in the Chippewa Valley, the Third Ward unveils an era of time where lumber barons established themselves and their families among Eau Claire's first riverside families. See their homes and read their stories along this route.

Parking: Lot across from Christ Church Cathedral

Map & Clues

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1.) Start at the bells and head east to Lake Street

2.) At Lake Street take a right

3.) At Barstow cross Lake and walk east

4.) Take a left with Isaac and head north

5.) At Farwell take a right and cross Newton and head east

6.) Cross the first president and take a right

7.) Take a left on Graham

8.) Cross Jefferson and Gilbert then take a right and head east on Gilbert

9.) At State Street take a left and head south

10.) At the light cross summit and continue south

11.) Take a left at the “New Deal” president and head east

12.) When you get to Woodrow take a right and cross McKinley

13.) Cross Summit then take a right

14.) Cross Farwell and take a left

15.) Back over Washington again and continue north on Farwell

17.) At the light cross Lake and work your way around the back of the house to the parking lot