Southside Shot

As more people moved into the area, they discovered opportunity on Eau Claire's southside. We pay homage to that with this route.

Map & Clues

Map Link - Map My Run

Parking: Fairfax Pool parking Lot

1.) Leave the Fairfax pool parking lot at the south entrance and head south to Golf Rd.

2.) Head west on golf

3.) Turn right on Heartland Dr.

4.) Take a right on Pine Meadow Drive

5.) Take a right on Heartland Drive north

6.) Where the sidewalk ends, cross Heartland drive to the other side of the street

7.) Continue north on Hester

8.) Cross Chumas drive and continue north

9.) Cross Hester and hop on the sidewalk that goes in front of South middle school and head east

10.) Veer off on the bike path and continue east

11.) As you leave the bike path take a right down Fairfax St. and head south

12.) At the entrance to Fairfax Park take a right follow the road

13.) Follow the road through Fairfax Park towards the west entrance

14.) Before you leave Fairfax park head off-road and take a left down the mowed path and follow it south towards the woods

15.) When you get to the wood-line take a right and follow the path through the woods

16.) As you exit the woods return to the Fairfax Pool lot