Learning to Fly

From the flight of the mythical phoenix to the flights of Old Abe himself, we give you this downtown and river side walk. Be mindful of downtown construction

Map & Clues

Parking: Phoenix Park

1.) Start at Mile Marker Zero and head down the path closest to the river

2.) Veer to the left on the sidewalk towards the park benches

3.) Follow the sidewalk next to the railing and the river and make your way towards Barstow St.

4.) Don’t go through the tunnel, head to the left and then take a right to go over the bridge

5.) Cross Eau Claire St. and continue south on Barstow

6.) At Main St. take a left cross Barstow and head east

7.) At the light cross Farwell Street and take a left to head north

8.) Take a right on Grand Ave. and head east up the hill

9.) Veer to the right and take the sidewalk that goes diagonal through University Park

10.) Take a sharp right and head west on Main St.

11.) Cross Dewey St. then take another quick left and Cross Main to head east on Dewey

12.) Take a right on Emery St.

13.) Be careful crossing Farwell then take a left and cross Emery. Veer right on the sidewalk through Wilson Park

14.) Take a left on Barstow St. and head east

15.) Take a right on Marston St.

16.) Cross Graham Ave. and continue on Marston St.

17.) Cross Wilcox St. and take a right on it

18.) Take a right on Newton St.

19.) Cross Porter St. and continue on Newton

20.) At the light cross Lake St. and take a left

21.) Don’t cross the bridge, take a right and follow the sidewalk path towards the river

22.) After Pablo Plaza take a left over the footbridge

23.) After the bridge head back to Mile Marker Zero