East Hill Hike

The addition of the Uniroyal Tire factory brought people to the east side of the community. Although the factory is no longer, the history of the east hill remains.

Clues & Map

Parking: Immaculate Conception church lot

Map Link - Map My Run


1.) As you leave the parking lot across from Immaculate Conception head south down Agnes towards Lyndale

2.) At Ohm Avenue take a right

3.) Say Cheese and take a right!

4.)Head down Margaret towards Valmont

5.) When you get to Laurel cross Margaret and take a left

6.) Take a right on Lee

7.) Take a left on badger

8.) At the boneyard take a right down Chauncey

9.) When you get to Emery take a right

10.) Take a right on Margaret

11.) At Hogaboom take a left in cross Margaret

12.) At Keith take a right and head south

13.) Take a right on Altoona Avenue

14.) Cross Chapin and then take a left on it and head south

15.)Take a right on Highland