Anthems and Altars

The songs of the Chippewa Valley sing loud and strong through anthems and altars all around.

Week 1 Medallion Clue

START: By the 'Do Not Enter' sign across from Chippewa Street. Head North up 1st Avenue.


1.) “Do you not enter,” but march North on First

2.) Head off road toward the band shell until you find “Sarge.”

3.) Get get back on the beat and continue north on First

4.) Cross Lake kitty corner until you get to the side with Pam. Then continue north

5.) Cross First toward the river bank and veer back to the north

6.) At the “Second City” cross first and go south and then west

7.) Take a right down Second past “I fought the law and the law won...”

8.) By the “Grace of God” cross Grand

9.) Keep going north past the “Jubilee”

10.) Cross Fulton and at the mock church take a left to the west

11.) At Fifth turn left and fly south

12.) Across Lake and then turn left

13.) At third and Lake “where we used to celebrate” take a right

14.) Take a right “on Broadwaaaaayyyy.”

15.) Don’t cross Fifth, turn left and head south

16.) When you reach “the Falls” take a left and head east

17.) After the last clue march to the beat of your own drummer back to first and your cars thanks for playing!