A Walk Among the Stars

The stars of stage and sky greet you along this pathway. This is a LONG 3.5 mile path, so stay on target and find your inner star along the way!

Map & Clues

Map Link - MapMyRun

Parking: Phoenix Park


1.) Start at the farmers market at “the Sun“ and proceed south towards Phoenix Park

2.) At the old railroad bridge take a right and cross the Chippewa River when you get to Saturn take a left and head south down the path

3.) Continue past Grand Ave. down the path next to First Ave.

4.) Continue on the path under the Lake Street bridge through Owen Park

5.) Continue past the tennis courts and under the Water Street bridge then veer towards the right to fine the last “planet”

6.) Once you have your information head back down towards the bike path and at mile marker one continue down the path heading south west

7.) At Sixth Ave. take a right and cross Menomonie Street and head to the west side of Sixth Ave. and proceed north towards Water Street

8.) Cross Water Street and continue north on Sixth Avenue

9.) At Hudson Street cross it and take a right and continue east on Hudson

10.) Cross Fifth and continue east on Hudson

11.) Cross Second Ave. and then take a left towards the courthouse

12.) At Lake Street take a right and head towards the river

13.) Cross First Ave. and continue over the bridge

14.) At Graham take a left and cross Lake Street

15.) Continue through Pablo Plaza across the bridge and head back to “the Sun”