How to do the Clear Water Clues Hunt

Step 1: Register

To help us keep track of who's participating and to know where to send potential prizes, please fill out our sign up form. We also encourage (but don't require) that you make a contribution to our charitable partner The Hub.

Register here.

Step 2: Check out the course

2 new maps will be released every Thursday and on this website and Facebook Page. Each map includes course plotted using the MapMyFitness website, printed directions, and a series of picture and trivia clues. You'll need to answer these to be eligible for our fantastic prizes.

Step 3: Walk the trail, answer trivia, and find some pics

When following the route check both sides of the path/road plus look ahead and behind for picture clues and trivia.

When you find a picture clue, take a selfie with that object.

Find Landmark Commission houses & historical signs as well as other trivia along the route. When you do, store the answer somewhere.

Pay close attention for the Charter Bank Bonus Buck along the route as well.

Be sure to maintain a safe social distance between yourself and other on the course. Also, please, no trespassing.

Step 4: Turn in your answers

When you are finished with both routes, submit your selfies and trivia answers to Both weekly maps answers and pictures should be included in the same email and are due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday. Be sure to include your team name.

If you correctly find 20 or more picture clues + trivia answers between both maps, you will be entered in a drawing for prizes from featured local businesses.

Please submit the entire week's trivia, pictures, and Charter Bonus Bucks in a single email, not separate emails for each component.

Step 5: Repeat and enjoy each week and keep having fun!

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